About Me

I am a robotics hobbyist and an electrical engineer by education. My job has nothing to do with robotics or electronics, so I love tinkering with robots and learning new things.

I got my start in robotics at Let's Make Robots.

If you are into building robots already, or just starting out, you should go check them out. You will find a wonderful community of robot builders of all backgrounds and ages who like to share their knowledge. It was founded by a great guy named Frits Lyneborg, from Denmark.

Frits was kind enough to have me as a guest for a number of episodes of The Latest in Hobby Robotics, a web-based show sponsored by MAKE.

I've also appeared on an episode of MAKE: Live with Becky Stern and Matt Richardson, who are really nice people.

I've started my own web show, Let's Talk Robots. I hope you enjoy it!