Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't We Deserve Awesomeness?

Some of you may know Jamie Mantel from his YouTube Channel or as a Let's Make Robots member and occasional poster. On YouTube he posts about his Giant Robot Project and other amazingly cool stuff he does.

He recently posted a video providing a sneak peek at a new toy robot he has designed. The robot will be manufactured for retail sale by Wow! Stuff, and is just about the most rocking toy robot ever.

I was inspired to create a video response in Episode 6 of LetsTalkRobots.

In the video, Jamie demonstrates some of the cooler features of his robots. These six-legged walking robots are remote controlled and can be turned through a unique mechanism of Jamie's own design. As the head turns, the robot's gait is altered and it changes direction to align with its head. They have customizable armor, and battle armor that can fly off it hit by an opponent. Several interchangeable weapons let you fire ping pong balls, foam darts or disks, etc. 

Here's Jamie's original video, in case you want to see the whole thing:

Jamie also mentions that the toy needs a name, and soon hundreds and maybe thousands of suggestions came pouring in from his many YouTube subscribers (including me). Soon after, Wow! Stuff released their own promotional video and an official contest to name the toy. If Jamie and Wow! Stuff pick your suggestion, you'll get a free robot when they are available in a few months!

Good luck to Jamie and Wow! Stuff on this venture. Jamie has said this is the most fun job he's ever had, so I hope he will be successful and keep designing amazing things that inspire us.

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  1. Jamie posted a two-part video about the backstory of how he developed this toy, starting from an idea he had as a kid.
    Part 1 of 2:
    Part 2 of 2:

    I'm most excited about his comments in the 2nd video, starting at the 8:00 minute mark below.

    Yea for customizability!