Friday, February 24, 2012

Tinman and Lemonhead

My son and I built a couple of those little fume extractors so we can stop breathing in so much solder fumes.

Of course, we used some candy tins for the cases. We used  a big Altoids tin for one, and a little novelty one I got from Target for the other one.

Here's William working on the second one. The first, in silver Altoids can, is already being used to keep the air clear.

Right now the front is just opened, but I've ordered a big sheet of filter material, which I will cut to fit each fume extractor.

To the right you can see a close up of the bigger extractor in action.


I used one of these old switches that I've had lying around forever. William is de-soldering the contacts with a solder pump, which he loves to do. The old solder was pretty stubborn, but we got the job done.

I love the little lemons on the sides of the box. Lemon-y, lemon-y, lemon-y!

Actually, now that I look at it, they look a little like Charlie Brown.

 Excellent results. Lemonhead!


  1. Good idea, I have an irrational fear of breathing in those fumes... luckily my dad has a big Weller fume extractor, but perhaps one day I'll make one of those just for the fun of it

    1. Well, its not a new idea. KipKay did it over two years ago.

      Still, I like my little fume extractors.